April 2014 - Hospital San Jacopo of Pistoia and S. Stefano of Prato

Letters, colours and... the QR Code:
When orientation is a child's play.

A few simple rules often help reaching your goal. Two examples of projects where the colours combined with concise lettering and high readability, play a crucial role in finding your way inside a hospital complex.
The Health authorities USL3 of Pistoia and USL4 of Prato respectively have chosen IKON Segnali for the new hospitals of S. Jacopo and S. Stefano.
The "Way-finding" projects stand out for their strong contrasting chromatic elements (blue with magenta, green with orange) that indicate the route for the visitor, characterised by the letters 'A' e 'B'.


It is worth pointing out that there is also an interesting novelty, the use of the QR Codee in the main direction signs, in as much as the signs also have communicative and educational purpose for people.

Information relative to the activity and services of the hospital are memorised in the QR Code and can therefore be read with the use of a mobile phone or smartphone.

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